What is a wedding fair?

A wedding fayre is a venue for vendors to display their items for sale. The event can also be an opportunity for brides and grooms to meet and greet people who are interested in their items for their weddings. It is held in various places all over the world, including America. Usually during spring or […]

How to get a stall at a wedding fair?

So you are one of the lucky few who have asked yourself how to get a stall at a wedding fair. You may have come across this question numerous times while scouting for venues to hold your reception. If you are new to planning and hosting events, then you may not know what to expect. […]

How to organize a wedding fair?

Many people have found that learning how to organize a wedding fair is not all that difficult. The idea of an organized wedding can be rather intimidating if one is not used to it. If a person is married and they are getting married for the first time, they may find that learning how to […]

What to wear to a wedding fair?

If you have decided that a wedding is the life you want, then you should be ready what to wear to a wedding fair. As with any wedding event, a wedding fair can be very stressful and exhausting. If you are the bride, your dress must reflect not only your personality but also your personality […]

What to expect at a wedding fair?

What to expect at a wedding fair varies greatly from one event to another. You have to decide what kind of wedding you want before you even get to a wedding fair. You may be able to plan it out before hand, but if not, then you need to be prepared. Be sure to consider […]